Brick Making Machinery

Brick Making Machinery

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We are manufacturer and suppliers of UNIQUE PRODUCTION PALLETS, production pallets. This pallets are useful for Fly Ash Brick manufacturer, Concrete Block manufacturer, Pavar Block manufacturer , etc....... This pallets sheets major benefits are as under

1) 100 % water Proof
2) 100 % fire retardant and Heat resistant up to 70 degree
3) 100% bacteria free / Termite free / Fungus free
4) These Pallet are Unbreakable                                                                      
5) 100% Shock Proof
6) Very easy handling                                                                                  

7) Instead of 25mm ply just 8mm is enough
8) It can easily bare load up to 300 Ton.
9) Lots of Variable Sizes we can Provide. like 600x300, 600x600,600x800 ,1200 x 600     1200 x 700,1200x 900, etc....
10) And in last it is at very reasonable price.